The first time I interviewed Zanib Khan

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I met with Zanib Khan in a busy hotel bar in the middle of the recording of her third album, still with no title. She was wearing a couple of tired but beautiful black eyes and a welcoming smile that would melt iron. I have interviewed some of the greatest musicians of the century in my thirty years of career but I was nervous as an amateur before her. Zanib Khan is the biggest artist of the world right now and everybody wanted to know about her. I would not let this chance go without asking some hot question. 
Zanib Khan says she is not ready for touring again
After selling-out the biggest stages of the world, my first question to Zanib Khan is about her next touring as it has been at least two years since her last performance on a stage. 'I am not thinking about that right now', she says with a casual tone, 'I am just focused on recording my next album. Touring is awesome and very rewarding for me but it is very exhausting as well'. The tour after her first album was huge; does Zanib Khan think that had some impact in her second reference? 'Yes, everybody loved it but my second album does not feel completed for me. Touring has a toll and I paid it that time. Now I will try to avoid it'.
What is next for Zanib Khan?
Is there a challenge out there for a woman that has accomplished so much as Zanib Khan with less than thirty years old? 'Oh sure' she stated firmly after sipping from her black coffee. 'I have been listening to a lot of classical music lately and I want to introduce that in my music. It is very challenging as to play along with an orchestra can be tricky but I am totally in for the challenge'. Zanib Khan exudes confidence and she is aware of it. There is something that you cannot do? 'I don't know' she replies between giggles, 'I am still trying to find out'.
Zanib Khan gives some hints about her next album
Zanib Khan has been in the studio for three months now and she says the album is almost ready even though it has not a title yet. 'I already have the selection of the song I want in the album but there is some final touches we need to polish. I am expecting to release it over the Christmas season'. Can we expect her to sing a carol in the new album? 'Hahaha, you never know, the only thing I can tell you is that I am putting my very soul in this new music and I think you all will see'. Of course, we will Zanib Khan.